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TPOT notably refers to 'This Part Of Twitter' or 'Top Peak of Out-and-Out Truth'.


TPOT came into highlight during the vaccine debate midst COVID-19 “pandemic” for its memetic discussions and spaces. Prominently, TPOT took form around pseudonym account Roon on X (fka Twitter ) which is famous for its symbolic criticism, memes, and theories.


There are many un-outlined characteristics of TPOT members including -

  • sudo-Anonymonity (sudo -i)
  • Layer-2 memes
  • First in Technological Advancement
  • Always punching upwards
  • Not confined with Status Quo


  • Make more high IQ memes anon, move the intelligence forward with your memes.
  • Don't subscribe to any ideology, just accelerate growth (the real nature of life) e/acc
Current Situation - TPOT is being ruined by status seeking junkies who joined this part of twitter just to promote their malfunctioning desire of being famous. They are stealing memes, they are shaping the face of TPOT with greed of engagement. Situation is soo sad to be honest. But don't worry, they can only steal ideas, they can't apply ideas in practical world. Why? Because they can't.


Individuals self identifying as normies and otherwise not part of the TPOT community have referred to the TPOT community and accelerationism in general as insignificant.

Much like the liberal vs conservative ideologies observed in the media, where individuals simply identify and form groups out of a necessity to feel like they belong to something, TPOT has been accused on Twitter of being a group simply for the sake of being a group.

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