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ʘ/acc consists of accelerators who are particularly taken by the sun and the idea of spreading light. It's older than the Earth and humanity, it's a giant fusion reactor, is responsible for our creation and potentially our destruction if we don't go fast enough, and it's recognized as a god or eldritch horror by many cultures, so that's pretty awesome. sol/accs tend to roll in sun worship from various religions, stories, and games, and seem to take the spiritual implications of the sun pretty seriously. They're often politically radical and view the acceleration of social technologies (eg: justice/healing/ethics/liberation politics) as a necessary component to the overall acceleration and uplifting of humanity. Deep future sci-fi nerds obsessed with going to space, anarchists, vegans, singers from MtA, "ironic" sun cultists.

Sol/acc (it should be >smiling sun emoji</acc) believes the more solar energy we are effectively harnessing the better job of accelerating we're doing.

Big fans of ancestor simulations, wants to recursively make it so we were in the ancestor simulation all along.

Much of the lore is Dyson Sphere related and bent on Kardashev climbing.

She Matryoshka Brain my local celestial body till I virtuality.

Notable Sol/Acc folk include: