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Accelerationists are proponents of the philosophy of effective accelerationism, or e/acc. They believe that technology serves as the central driving force for human progress and well-being.

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Core Tenets of e/acc

Technological Progress

Accelerationists view technological progress as the primary mechanism for human advancement. Many within the e/acc community are actively involved in technological fields or related endeavors.

Rejection of Top-Down Control

Accelerationists caution against top-down control mechanisms, especially in complex systems. As Beff Jezos stated:

"Given the inherent challenges in overseeing and directing complex systems, especially when information is imperfect or incomplete, top-down control mechanisms can prove ineffective. Furthermore, the susceptibility to corruption and decay in hierarchical systems makes such control structures vulnerable."

Expansion of Consciousness

Promotion and advancement of technologies that enhance and expand human consciousness are integral to the e/acc philosophy. As Beff Jezos expressed:

"Actively developing technologies that hasten this evolution is instrumental in progressing towards a more advanced civilization."

Risks of Deceleration

e/acc argues against the perceived dichotomy between acceleration and safety. They assert that slowing down technological progress could pose significant risks, as Beff Jezos noted:

"Maintaining a static equilibrium and hindering technological progress is a potential recipe for catastrophic outcomes."

Alignment with Universal Progress

Accelerationists believe in aligning with what they term the “will of the universe”, suggesting a natural inclination towards ever-evolving civilizations. Beff Jezos elaborated:

"The universe tends towards futures with advanced, intelligent civilizations adept at harnessing its energies."

Common Misconceptions

e/acc has been misunderstood or misrepresented in several ways:

  • That it encourages recklessness for high rewards. In reality, the philosophy promotes mitigating risks.
  • That its primary goal is profit maximization. e/acc's principles are distinct from political or economic doctrines.
  • That it embodies a form of pessimistic resignation. Contrarily, e/acc is fundamentally optimistic.

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