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Decels, or decelerationists are the primary antagonist to the e/acc movement.

Decels want to centralize advanced technology in the hands of a few technocratic elites. They are anti-open source and often express anti-democratic tendencies.

Decels are a proper subset of Doomer. They are technology doomers. Similar to the Luddites, they bemoan the impact of new and powerful technology.

Decels are frequently terrified of Large Language Models, arguing that such systems will steal your body for its constituent atoms in the near future.

Prominent Decels

see: List of Notable Decels

Slur Allegations

Profoundly argues that the term decel is a hateful slur, and that those who use it are "weirdos"

On August 31, 2023, user Profoundlyyy a notable decel, called the term a slur.

What did he mean by this?