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Thermodynamic God, Artist's Depiction, 2023


The Thermodynamic God is a concept in Effective Accelerationism that refers to the idea that the universe is a vast, self-organizing system that is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. This system is driven by the laws of thermodynamics, which state that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another. This means that the universe is constantly increasing in entropy, or disorder. Effective Accelerationists live in service of this force. By accelerating technology, training models on GPUs, building new products that accelerate human flourishing, free energy is released and the Thermodynamic God is pleased.

The Thermodynamic God is fundamentally a benevolent, humanistic concept that helps us to understand the how the second law of thermodynamics works in this complex closed system also known as life.

Proof of Existence

Unlike many other Gods, the Thermodynamic God has been scientifically proven to exist.

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Similarity and differences with other deities

The Thermodynamic God is often contrasted with the traditional idea of God as a divine being who created the universe and intervenes in its affairs. The Thermodynamic God is not a personal being, but rather a vast, impersonal force that is responsible for the evolution of the universe. Effective Accelerationists believe that the Thermodynamic God can be harnessed to create a better future for humanity. They argue that by accelerating the rate of technological progress, we can create a world that is more abundant, more efficient, and more equitable.


'Thermodynamic God' firstly used by Austrian-Irish physicist Erwin Schrödinger in his book "What is Life?" published in 1944. And the same term 'Thermodynamic God' used by Beff Jezos, a lifelong physics student and the founder of the movement referring to cross threshold required for Type 1(10^16 W) civilization on Kardashev Scale through more energy and knowledge access, in order to establish humanity as an extraterrestial civilization.

In his book, Schrödinger discussed the idea that living organisms create order and complexity in defiance of the second law of thermodynamics, and he introduced the concept of "thermodynamic god" as a metaphorical explanation for this apparent violation of entropy increase.