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what's up.. it's me.. roon. Let's build great AI together

Roon is a legendary poaster, member of technical staff at OpenAI, founding member of TPOT, and loosely e/acc-affiliated. Roon was tangentially involved in the crisis of September 15th, though it's worth noting that he later deleted the tweets that sparked his involvement.

Shitpoasting to OpenAI

Roon is famous for being the first individual to poast their way into the great AI organization of its time, OpenAI. Throughout his poasting career, Roon has originated concepts such as Wordcel, Shape Rotator, and more. His poasting attracted the attention of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman who brought him into the organization and gave him wide berth to enact sweeping changes, which have been widely lauded.

On February 11th, 2024, Roon made a return to Twitter by posting after over two weeks of inactivity. Right before this moment, Sam Altman’s account @sama created a post reading “also roon is my alt”.[1]

Decel Accusations

Some accusations have been levied against Roon that he is a Decel. While he works for one, evidence for this claim has not come forth. However, it is important to note that Roon has expressed strong support for fellow poaster and decel Eliezer Yudkowsky, and this association is perhaps related to, or the cause of the aforementioned accusations.

Technical Accomplishments

Roon has done strong work in reducing the rate of request refusals, a notable complaint about the ChatGPT interface.