Latinx Putler

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"I am the most powerful Decel alive" -- LatinX Putler

Latinx Putler is famous poaster and notable decel.

Putler has called Sam Altman the anti-christ. In contrast to technologist decels such as Altman, Putler is more generally anti-technology.

In October of 2023, Putler expressed, in reply to a tweet about porn addiction:

phenomena like these are a big reason im skeptical of technology we're increasingly good at separating the thing that we like (sexual stimulation, tasty food) from what those things are supposed to represent (relationships & reproduction, nutrition) by creating synthetic replacements (porn, processed food) Then that either leads us getting too much of the thing that feels good (porn brain, obesity) and lack of the things they're supposed to represent (childless/lonely, malnourished)