Crisis of September 15th

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The crisis of September 15th was a pivotal moment in the history of the accelerationist movement, occurring on September 15th 2023, whereby the question of anonymity and doxxing as they relate to e/acc, were discussed, debated, and ultimately clarified.

Notable Participants

Notable participants in the crisis of September 15th included Martin Shkreli, goth600, who found themselves at odds with one another and Beff Jezos, who served as the mediator and resolver of the crisis.

Other notable figures included Chris Prucha, who expressed support for Martin, Roon, who expressed doubt about Martin's business accomplishments and got caught in the crossfire.


The crisis began when Martin Shkreli started a Twitter Space calling goth600 to discuss, on the grounds that goth600 had been talking shit. Specifically what was said to provoke this reaction has been lost to the irreversible march of history.

After failing to appear in the summons, Martin escalated his demands, called Goth a coward, and indicated that he would perhaps like to doxx him. This created an immediate backlash, and the prominent figures of e/acc began taking sides, either pro-Martin or against. A once-proud movement, splintered! The space became very heated and lasted for upwards of 6 hours upon which Beff Jezos made the official declaration that anonymity is foundational to the e/acc movement and thus the matter was settled as a matter of accelerationist doctrine, if perhaps not universally agreed-upon among the accelerationists.

The threat by Martin to doxx a fren was found by some to be so egregious that an official petition to remove him from the list of notable accelerationists was drafted, and supported by notable accelerationists such as Squirtle. This petition was ultimately not carried out, with the given reasons being that Martin is a widely beloved member of the community, and has done his time in federal prison. It would not be right to strike him from this movement that he has thus far so nobly advanced.


Martin has continued to poast about the virtues of being a Facecel, and of the perceived downsides of anonymity on Twitter. Martin has so far not backed down nor expressed remorse, saying that he has doxxed many young misbehaving anons and will continue to do so as long as he yet draws breath. On the other side of the aisle, many anons have come forward in strong favor of anonymity, and championed Beff's pronouncements that anonymity is fundamental to the movement.

Martin Shkreli fanboi, Mr. Shroom, posted a tweet in support of Shkreli. In his post, Shroom said "if you’re brave enough to be a realbie on here, you have every right not to engage with anons, and it should be the default to dislike anons if them are even mildly annoying or mean." After making this post, Shroom was attacked by a bunch of weird nerds. Notably, tpot member "Growing Daniel" unfollowed Shroom after this post.


In response to e/acc taking sides, hurtful words being said, etc., several blocks, mutes, and unfollows emerged in the immediate aftermath. Notably, Martin Shkreli unfollowed Pico Paco, despite these individuals being long-time mutuals, and Pico Paco being a subscriber of Martin Shkreli. No official reason was given for the unfollow, and it is not the place of this wiki to guess.