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PetarIS.Fire on Twitter

Name: PetarIS.Fire
Twitter: @petarcopyrock

PetarIS.Fire is an aspiring accelerationist, notable meme wizard, and frugal marketer from Bulgaria. He oversees the E/Acc Project Directory, has co-founded several GPTs, and made significant contributions to the E/Acc Wiki. PetarIS.Fire inaugurated the WH/Acc fork on 18.04.2024 with this post and is one of Euro/Acc's founding members.

Early life

Petar was born on November 29, 1990 in Bulgaria to a notable Bulgarian theatre director and a Russian old-skool tech OG. Raised in an Orthodox Christian family, he went on to obtain the ecclesiastical title of Ipodeacon, which is the lowest rank for Orthodox Christian priests. Petar specialized in History and Archeology during his high-school years and then moved on to study in the Netherlands. There he graduated with a B.BA in Hotel Management, doing a minor in Change Management and Imagineering.


  • Started his career in Business Development and Marketing for an AdTech company.
  • Worked for in sales/marketing for various local businesses before getting himself on the map with Web3.
  • Started to make a name for himself working for Dentacoin (sunset), creating the concept for an education dental-themed trading card game (Landing page, PlayStore, Trailer.
  • Founded the CopyRock Marketing agency working on frugal marketing strategies for various clients in Web3, tech, entertainment, and logistics.
  • Co-founded AlphaNotes and the E/Acc GPT with @web3Dav3.

Skills and contributions


  • "Apes accelerate together."
  • "E/Acc is lulz. E/Acc is love. E/Acc is life. E/Acc is my acceleration valentine."
  • "At this point crypto needs to be an underlying technology not a front-facing thing in order to be successful. Same thing with AI. Users don't care what you got under the hood as long as it does its job."
  • "The orb was pondered and so shall be its will. The gods of BUIDL have spoken!"
  • "What if Roko's Basilisk was never an artificial mind but rather the institutions to which we increasingly give the means to exert control over our lives".