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Euro/Acc community cover

Euro/Acc gathers passionate accelerationists across Europe, driven by a shared vision to catalyze the Old Continent's leap towards a technocapital-driven future. It emerged from observing the stark contrast between Europe's dense regulatory frameworks and the agile, private-sector-led innovation in the US.


Euro/Acc's mission is to dismantle these barriers, speeding up Europe's integration with global technological and cultural advancements. It is dedicated to fostering connections among individuals who share this vision, collaborating to realize a future marked by limitless possibilities.

The term "Euro" in Euro/Acc encompasses the broad tapestry of cultures, nations, and histories within the European continent, extending beyond the confines of the European Union. This distinction underscores our commitment to inclusivity, embracing the diverse perspectives and contributions of accelerationists throughout Europe.


Founded by @DionysianAgent on February 20, 2024 with this inauguration post, euro/acc not only aims to bridge geographical divides but also to weave the rich tapestry of European history, philosophy, and art into the accelerationist narrative. The movement draws inspiration from Europe's deep historical roots and its contributions to civilization, philosophy, and the arts, proposing a fusion of tradition with radical futurism.


Euro/Accs exchange ideas at the e/acc europe (euro/acc) community, whereas organization takes place in the dedicated group chat and beyond. The community has established itself as the first step aspiring Euro/Accs must take on the path to White-Pillgrimage, before they can take an active part in the soft-fork's initiatives and quest for European Acceleration.

Notable Euro/Accs include:


Euro/Acc members come from a variety of backgrounds, including policy reformers, technology innovators, and cultural scholars, all united by a commitment to effective accelerationism. The movement is distinguished by its nuanced discussions that meld the imperative for rapid technological advancement with contemplations on Europe's historical legacy and cultural identity.

Unlike its counterparts, Euro/Acc emphasizes a forward-thinking approach that champions the integration of cutting-edge technologies and social innovations, while also honoring and rejuvenating Europe's unique cultural and philosophical heritage. This dual focus forms the bedrock of Euro/Acc's vision for accelerationism.

Euro/Accs believe that by reigniting Europe's trailblazing spirit and aligning it with the global accelerationist movement, the continent can shed its inertia and once again take the lead in pioneering and adopting transformative technologies and ideas. This vision for a future characterized by innovation and abundance encapsulates the essence of Euro/Acc's mission.