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Based Beff Jezos Accelerates the Cosmos

Name: Beff Jezos
Twitter: @basedBeffJezos

Not to be confused with the less prominent Jeff Bezos, Beff is the eponymous founder of e/acc, one of its most prominent members, and the movement's primary leader. He is a notable accelerationist, and an award-winning technologist, founder, and builder. He can be found on Twitter with the handle @BasedBeffJezos.

Early Life

Not much is known about the early life of Beff Jezos. It's believed that he was born sometime during the 20th century and hails from the Great Wintry North. He was trained as a physicist.

Founder of e/acc

Beff founded the e/acc as an extension of his philosophical writings and training as a physicist. A notable Memetic Originator, Beff has created many concepts that have gained wide traction such as the thermodynamic god, accelerationism, decel.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic of the early 21st century, Beff's writings and philosophical output accelerated to the extent that it gained a life of its own, and earned recognition as a movement. Many have compared this to Newton's creation of Newtonian physics during the Great Plague of London. Truly, social isolation is a deceleration for some and an accelerant for others. The bubbling of memetic concepts that could not be contained within his own body were forced to spread and have multiplied greatly since.

Beff continues to be the primary leader of the leaderless movement.

Acknowledgement of Forks

Like many movements that have heretofore spawned, e/acc has developed various splinter groups. Faced with the choice to declare them illegitimate or embrace them as equally valid strains of memetic thought, Beff unilaterally declared in 2021 that forking the e/acc movement is valid and perhaps encouraged in e/acc philosophy. This move is widely considered to be brave, noble, and true -- and has pre-empted harmful schisms from breaking apart the movement. New forks of e/acc are additive to the pie, and will serve humanity with what unique insight they have.

The only requirement for forking e/acc is to remain true to e/acc's original principles. That is, a fork of e/acc can extend the movement, but should not erase or overwrite its fundamental tenets.


In September of 2023, Beff issued an anti-doxxing decree in response to controversy within the e/acc movement as fellow notable accelerationist Martin Shkreli sought to doxx e/acc-affiliated poaster goth600, thereby establishing anonymity as foundational to the movement. Some have questioned whether Beff's authority here is absolute.

In a significant development on December 1, 2023, Forbes revealed the identity of the influential Twitter user @BasedBeffJezos. Forbes identified Guillaume Verdon, a former research scientist and Quantum ML lead at Alphabet, one of the main creators of TensorFlow quantum and founder of the AI startup Extropic, as the person behind the account. This revelation was made possible through a voice analysis conducted by Catalin Grigoras, the Director of the National Center for Media Forensics, which conclusively matched Verdon's voice to that of @BasedBeffJezos.